RRO – “Suspension of Belief”

Here are some audio excerpts uploaded to Soundcloud for you. Write if you want a link to recent or longer works (some pieces last 5 or even 48 hours): we are happy to send you samples.

Second Sketch for Larry Shipping. Live at Radiophrenia, CCA, Glasgow, 5 September 2016. Starring Tam Dean Burn (voice) with Ed Baxter (text, direction, electronics), Peter Lanceley (electric guitar, voice, melodies), Kim Moore (viola) and Milo Thesiger-Meacham (electronics).

Score for Open Heart Surgery on Charlie Watts. Live at Radiophrenia, CCA, Glasgow, 16 April 2015. Script, direction, bass guitar: Ed Baxter. Voice: Tam Dean Burn. Electric guitar, voice: Peter Lanceley. Viola: Kim Moore. Guitar: Michael Umney. Electronics: Mark Vernon.

Fifth Sketch for Ascent And Descent. Live at Hearsay Festival, Kilfinane, Ireland, 27 November 2014. Script, direction, guitar, telephone, Alka Seltzer: Ed Baxter. Electric guitar, voice, melody: Peter Lanceley. Live sfx mixdown: Sarah Nichol. Narration: Willy Carr.

First Sketch for Ascent And Descent. Live at the Science Museum as part of Aleks Kolkowski’s “In Search of Perfect Sound – The Exponential Horn.” Voice: Dudley Sutton. Vibraphone: Adam Bushell. Guitar, voice: Peter Lanceley. Bass, text, concept: Ed Baxter. Electronics: Knut Aufermann, Sarah Washington, Chris Weaver.

A Secret Postscript. We asked American country singer Bob Cheevers to read a script for a work in progress (On the Mountain). At the end of the recording he improvised this fragmentary text which we’ve now combined with some music recorded for (but not used in) Remote Performances.

No Such Object (excerpt), Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh Festival 2012.

excerpt from The Mayfly. Commissioned by Pestival and performed live at London Wetlands Centre, 2007. Music: Veryan Weston. Text: Ed Baxter (poem: Cyril Baxter). Featuring i.a.: Alistair McGowan (voice), Kay Grant (voice), Ivor Kallin (voice), Tom Besley (electronics), James Dunn (electronics), Max O’Brien (electronics), Robin Warren (electronics), Chris Weaver (electronics), Veryan Weston (piano).

Pictured: “Suspension of Belief.” Gaz Parry (rock climbing, voice), Kate Mills (rock climbing, voice), Chris Weaver (field recordings, engineer), Jim Perrin (voice), Nick Hamilton (broadcast engineer), Max O’Brien (electronics), Ed Baxter (concept, director). Penon d’Ifach, Alicante, Spain, 2008. Photograph by Chris Weaver.

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