A Shot in the Dark

Posted: October 16, 2018 in News

A Shot in the Dark approaches. It’s being realised this week at Exeter Phoenix – on Thursday 18 October 2018 at 8pm. Admission is £8 (£5 students, concessions & under 18s). Tickets here.
In total darkness, diverse groups of musicians – drawn from Exeter’s classical, jazz, folk, noise and student ensembles – interpret a musical score burned into their retinas via a series of digital flashguns. Conceived by RRO’s Ed Baxter and arranged in collaboration with curator-composer Emma Welton, A Shot in the Dark is commissioned by University of Exeter Arts & Culture as part of Exeter Sound Context. Performers include: Martha Dunster (flute), Deborah Hamilton (viola), Alex Wilson (violin), Emma Welton (violin), Matt Lord (saxophone), Bruce McClure (bass), Helen Kean (keyboard), Henrique Rosário (keyboard), Tom Hyde (guitar), Michael Umney (guitar), Ramiz Ahmed-Man (guitar), Alex Rafael Rose (harp), Oliver Kadouchkine (mandolin), Matt Smith (sampler), Tika Osborne (synth), Dan Norman (synth), Tony Whitehead (objects), Dan Cray (glass, effects), Simon Egan (electric kazoo), Kordian Tektov (percussion), Alex Frost (drums), Steve Milton (cajon, cymbal), Stan Glendinning (drums), and David Sawyer (sound sculpture). Wow.


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