Simon King RIP

Posted: October 4, 2018 in News

We share the sad news that our dear friend and esteemed RRO performer Simon King died last weekend. A great musician (seen here during the rehearsal of The Death Of Kodak – photo by Second Movement) and a great human being. Please contribute to this JustGiving campaign to pay for his funeral and a celebration. Simon enhanced every situation in which he played. His role in the Radio Orchestra was just one of his many musical activities which in recent years included The Windsors, Swordfish, Homelife, Murphy No Geisha, performances with Atsuko Kamura, Forkbeard Fantasy and Chris Cornetto, and the Hauntological Orchestra – formed to raise funds for victims of the Fukushima disaster. He regularly organised benefit concerts for Resonance FM, even when his own circumstances were dire and deserving of support. It was typical of Simon to be far-sighted in his generosity – he was naturally altruistic and practically caring. His original approach to the guitar was marked by a profound grasp of rhythm, an encyclopedic knowledge of music of all kinds, and an ability to both direct and effortlessly empathise with other performers. He will be sorely missed.


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