Six hours of RRO on Resonance Extra – 31 January 6pm

Posted: January 30, 2016 in News

The RRO features on Resonance Extra on Sunday 31 January at 6pm. The six hour showcase in the Residencies series features audio from 2004 to 2015, including previously unheard pieces. If you are a citizen of Brighton and Hove, download instructions on how to find Resonance Extra on your DAB radio here. Everyone else, you can listen on line by going to the new Resonance Extra website.
Residencies comprises improvisation, Dragon Hall, London, 2005; Homophones (instrumental), Dragon Hall, London, 2005; The Mayfly, Pestival, Barnes Wetland Centre, 2006, feat. Alistair McGowan, Sabina Meyer, Kay Grant, Ivor Kallin; Improvisation, Gasworks, London, 2010; Buddy Holly’s Suitcase, Science Gallery London, 2014, feat. Art Terry; Second Sketch for Ascent and Descent, Outlandia, Scotland, 2014, feat. Tam Dean Burn; Fifth Sketch for Ascent and Descent, Kilfinane, Ireland, 2014, featuring Willie Carr; Sixth Sketch for Ascent and Descent, Science Gallery London, 2014; A Secret Postscript, 2014, featuring Bob Cheevers; Heart Like a Duck, Part 1, Kilfinane, Ireland, 2015, featuring Willie Carr; First Sketch for Ascent and Descent, Science Museum, London, 2014, featuring Dudley Sutton; The Death of Kodak, Cockpit, 2015, featuring Piers Gibbon (voice), Rodney Earl Clarke, Richard Scott; Heart Like a Duck, Part 2, Kilfinane, Ireland, 2015, featuring Maeve McGrath; The Arthur Cravan Memorial Boxing Match, Museum of Garden History, 2004, featuring Max Benezeth, Tam Dean Burn, Richard Sanderson, Helena Stevens, Art Terry; and Field Guide, London, 2015, featuring Piers Gibbon, Lisa Moyle, Kadence Neill.
Musicians: Sarah Angliss, Knut Aufermann, Ted Barrow, Ed Baxter, Tom Besley, Xentos Fray Bentos, Fari Bradley, Barry Burns, Adam Bushell, Benedict Drew, James Dunn, Andrew Ford, Luke Fowler, Yedo Gibson, Louise Goodwin, Ivor Kallin, Andy Keep, Simon King, Peter Lanceley, Alistair Leslie, Elo Masing, Charlie Menzies, Kim Moore, Sarah Nicol, Max O’Brien, Alex Ressel, Markus Sasse, Milo Thesiger-Meacham, Richard Thomas, Michael Umney, Mark Vernon, Robin Warren, Sarah Washington, Chris Weaver, Veryan Weston and others accidentally overlooked – to whom apologies. Composers: Ed Baxter; Lewis Gibson; Peter Lanceley; Chris Weaver; Veryan Weston; and the ensemble in its various guises, often improvising. Texts, lyrics: Ed Baxter, except A Secret Postscript, written by Bob Cheevers.


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