Monogram on Resonance Extra – on going

Posted: November 30, 2015 in News

Monogram is a new radio series by RRO’s Ed Baxter. It broadcasts on Wednesdays at 6pm till midnight, allowing time for long form works and digressions. If you are a citizen of Brighton & Hove, download instructions on how to find Resonance Extra on your DAB radio here. Everyone else, you can listen on line by going to the new Resonance Extra website, which goes live on 1st December 2015 at just before 2pm. The first episode featured music by The Necks, AMM, Freakweather and Walter Marchetti; radio art by Chris Mann, Gregory Whitehead and Willem de Ridder; and a bunch of oddities, including Percy Grainger’s first composition, written when he was 12 years old.
The second episode featured intonarumori music by the Luigi Russolo Memorial Ensemble, RRO, Ben Neill, Henry Flynt, and numerous others; and spoken word by Anais Nin, in a recording by Louis and Bebe Barron.


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