Freakweather inaugural gig at Cafe Oto on Tuesday 13 January

Posted: January 10, 2015 in News

Come to this concert at Cafe Oto on Tuesday 13 January. Freakweather will be on first.

Freakweather is a new ensemble formed by Ed Baxter. It is a concept art rock band and its members – rising out of the RRO’s recent “Relics” performance, include guitarists Andrew Ford (Lime Headed Dog, I Ching), Simon King (Homelife, The Windsors), Peter Lanceley (Kinnie The Explorer) and Michael Umney (Resonance Radio Orchestra), bass player Jim Whelton (Die Trip Computer Die), drummer Markus Sasse (Kinnie The Explorer) and special guests Clive Bell (stereo goathorns) and Dominic Stephens (no input mixing board). This inaugural performance draws on Fluxus and Warhol’s Factory as well as using a graphic score drawn on a digital flash unit which – imprinted on the player’s retina – brings notation into the human body at last!

Resonance104.4fm/Sound and Music Embedded composer in residence Daniel Wilson presents a diffusion of radionic frequencies as part of Radionics Radio – an investigation into the mysterious pseudo-science of radionics and its relation to electronic sound. Developing the mid-20th century sonic radionic experiments of Delawarr Laboratories, Wilson and Toby Clarkson (of Oscillatorial Binnage) coordinate the realtime audio-visual irradiation of the latest ‘thought frequencies’ collected over recent months, submitted via the Radionics Radio website ( As always, audience members are asked to quietly cultivate a psychic resistance to avoid ingress of unwelcome thoughts during these irradiations! Wilson is a sound designer, writer, instrument builder. He works under many aliases including Meadow House, Ashfordaisyak and Post-Electronics.

Topping the bill, in his first London solo concert in five years Nicolas Collins presents two noisy works for damaged circuits with software extensions. Born and raised in New York City, Nicolas Collins lived in Amsterdam and Berlin in the 1990s before joining the Department of Sound at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. An early adopter of microcomputers for live performance, Professor Collins also makes use of electronic circuitry, conventional acoustic instruments, and hybrid electro-acoustic instruments. He is editor-in-chief of MIT’s Leonardo Music Journal, and his book, Handmade Electronic Music – The Art of Hardware Hacking (Routledge), has influenced emerging electronic music worldwide. Collins has the dubious distinction of having played at both CBGB and the Concertgebouw.
Appearing with Collins for a performance of the classic “Pea Soup” is special guest Peter Cusack. Cusack is a musician and field recordist with a long interest in the sound environment. He initiated the “Favourite Sounds Project” to discover what people find positive about their everyday sound environment and ‘Sounds From Dangerous Places’ (sonic journalism) that investigates sites of major environmental damage. He currently lives in Berlin.


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