Overheard in Dundee 2010 – complete audio

Posted: January 9, 2015 in News

RRO - Overheard (1)

We have at last located the audio (45 minutes long) of the RRO performing Overheard at Kill Your Timid Notion in February 2010 at DCA, Dundee. Commissioned by Arika, it features actors Tam Dean Burn and Pene Herman Smith; musicians Ed Baxter, Stephen Bloe, Ali Butcher, Rowan Corkill, Cat Lee Marr, Chris Lee Marr, Chris Weaver, and Lin Zhang; and boxers Neil Danskin and Hamid Ahmed. The audio is from the live Resonance104.4fm broadcast: the multi-track recording seems to have been lost so this is the definitive trace of this work. The piece is in seven sections: 1. Counting Strawberries; 2. Sterling Hayden; 3. The Questionnaire; 4. Tito’s Funeral; 5. A Boxing Match; 6. Cahun in Prison; 7. Spider Man. Text by Ed Baxter. Score by Chris Weaver.


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