New for 2015: Score for Open Heart Surgery on Charlie Watts

Posted: January 1, 2015 in News

Score for Open Heart Surgery on Charlie Watts is a conceptual piece for reasons which should be apparent to all RRO followers. “After Radio Yesterday realised in 2010 with Dan Scott,” writes Ed Baxter, “it seemed as if an impasse had been reached in terms of trying lucidly to articulate the current problematics of pop music culture. A few chats with the very interesting artist Mike Cooter whose focus on the narrative agency of objects (look out for his radio serial Dingus next year on Resonance104.4fm) made it clear that any new piece of work in this direction would have to have certain characteristics: first, it must deal with a globally recognisable pop music phenomenon (pace Philip Brophy); secondly, it must clearly address rhythm – the rhythm of modern pop music above all; thirdly, it should be slightly sinister, violent and confrontational; fourthly, it should be transparent and largely unambiguous; fifthly, it should somehow suggest the numinous qualities of modern popular culture. Voila: Score for Open Heart Surgery on Charlie Watts (self-explanatory… but last week someone asked, Must Mr Watts be alive for the score to be realised? Answer: emphatically Yes!).”
A series of Sketches to outline and explore the possibilities of this new work will be developed by the Resonance Radio Orchestra through 2015.


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