Sixth Sketch for Ascent And Descent

Posted: November 30, 2014 in News


A suitably blurred image of the RRO performing the distorted Sixth Sketch for Ascent And Descent from this week’s Gwaith Swn evening Relics. This sixth – perhaps final? – piece in an on-going sequence drew on the form laid down by The Velvet Underground, Tony Conrad and Henry Flynt (by way of invoking Bobby Driscoll’s presence around The Factory scene, as evidenced in the 1965 underground movie “Dirt” by Piero Heliczer), and comprised a quarter of an hour of a single chord – with four guitars (Andrew Ford, Simon King, Peter Lanceley, Michael Umney), drums (Markus Sasse), bass (Ed Baxter), violin (Eloise MacDonald) and voice (Peter Lanceley), plus sizzling Alka Seltzer via hydrophone. Traditional music. Special thanks to Paul Freeman (photograph, organisation) and Francisco Castilla (live mixdown).


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