To Hearsay and back again

Posted: November 24, 2014 in News

RRO Hearsay

The RRO is back from its live radiophonic performance last weekend at the wide-ranging and fascinating Hearsay Festival in Kilfinane, Ireland. The group was joined by local story teller and actor Willy Carr – known locally as one of the Canavour Players and interviewed recently by Michael Umney and Tommy O’Sullivan for Hearsay broadcaster-in-residence Resonance104.4fm. Willy bravely read Ed Baxter’s often impenetrable script for Fifth Sketch for Ascent And Descent before an enthused and packed audience in the forbiddingly cold church interior of Kilfinane Coi which provided a hub for the festival. Peter Lanceley wrote and played the music for the Sketch, including an exquisitely performed song, and Sarah Nichol did live effects mixdown, including the RRO’s favourite tipple Alka Seltzer brought into the composition via hydrophone. Thanks to Darren at Big Bear Sound for the excellent and detailed live mixdown and Grey Heron Media and band leader Donie O’Sullivan for the loan of equipment. The piece will be broadcast on Resonance104.4fm on Friday 28 November at 2.45pm as part of William English’s always wonderful Wavelength programme.


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