In Search Of Perfect Sound + Grand Futurist Concert of Noises

Posted: April 24, 2014 in News

The Orchestra is performing twice at Aleks Kolkowski’s forthcoming installation The Exponential Horn: In Search Of Perfect Sound at the Science Museum’s Media Centre. First, at the opening event on the evening of Monday 19 May, when a new short radiophonic work – Sketch for Ascent and Descent – will be realised, featuring actor Dudley Sutton with musicians Knut Aufermann (electronics), Adam Bushell (percussion), Peter Lanceley (electric guitar), and Sarah Washington (electronics). Text and score by Ed Baxter.
Secondly on the afternoon of 15 June, when we present a Grand Futurist Concert of Noises using newly built intonarumori. This celebrates the centenary of Russolo and Piatti’s London presentation of “The Art of Noises” at the London Coliseum. We’ll do a subsequent concert with the intonarumori at Cafe Oto on the night of Friday 20 June. The intonarumori are being built by Peter McKerrow after Russolo’s design, researched and adapted by Daniel Wilson. Concert details to follow.


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