British Composer Award winners!

Posted: December 4, 2013 in News

RRO is happy to announce that Ed Baxter and Chris Weaver were the winners in the Sonic Arts category for the prestigious BASCA British Composer Awards for their work No Such Object for NVA’s Speed of Light. Jury chairman Janek Schaefer kindly passed on these remarks, which were read out at the award ceremony: “The jury was unanimous is choosing No Such Object to win this year’s Sonic Art award. This ambitious work for hundreds of participants, created an uplifting cloud of shimmering sound at the summit of a small mountain. A very beautiful combination of digital circuits and the analogue environment, that was much more that the sum of its tiny parts. It ticked all the boxes, yet was itself thinking ‘outside of the box’ to create an inspiring experience using sound and art.”
For an alternative view of the work, see the Telegraph Blog by Michael White (“Britain’s least boring music critic”) – who said it sounded “like a tape recording of a vacuum cleaner. Not that I’m complaining: I enjoy the sound of vacuum cleaners, rich in overtones and other textural ingredients as it is. It’s just that if Messrs Baxter and Weaver had come round to my flat while I was hoovering they could have saved themselves a lot of bother.”
Ho ho.


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