Soundhub Showcase

Posted: June 22, 2012 in News

On Friday 22 June, Ed Baxter takes part in the Soundhub Showcase concert, presenting Sketch for the Death of Kodak: “The score for this work in progress is written onto a digital camera flash unit. This is flashed into the eyes of the performers who then have approximately six minutes until the image on their retina fades beyond recognition. With their eyes shut, they respond to diverse changes in clarity, colour and stability. The work seeks to bring the score inside the human body; and to create a pointedly fugitive score which individual players see once only, fleetingly and within the parameters of their ocular idiosyncrasies. (It transpires that if the performer looks at a blank sheet of paper, the image appears there as equally well-defined as inside their head.) My long-term plan is to realise an opera, The Death of Kodak, using multiple flash units and a large ensemble to portray the symptomatic dissolution of this pivotal modernist corporation.” The piece is performed by Elo Masing (amplified violin) and Dragos Margineanu (electric guitar). The concert starts at 7.30pm and features a dozen works by emerging composers, including viola shorts; squib-box Shadow Prophets; Darren Bloom Chaconne; Elo Masing Planes; Ayanna Witter-Johnson A Single Sun; Aaron Holloway-Nahum Interaction; Richard Bullen A Garden of Forking Paths; and Alex Hawkins Unknown Baobabs. The Soundhub Blog has details of some of the impressive work in progress.


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