Son of SOL

Posted: June 1, 2012 in News

Chris Weaver (pictured) and Ed Baxter have been working for the past few months on a new and unusual project for the Resonance Radio Orchestra – the audio element of NVA’s Speed Of Light. This outdoor live son et lumiere extravaganza takes place on Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh, three times each night, throughout the Edinburgh International Festival. “We went up to Edinburgh for one of the dress rehearsals last month,” Ed explains. “Going up Arthur’s Seat with a heavy rucksack of equipment was fine, even if we had to do it twice in one afternoon. Coming down the second time was a different matter – a sudden heavy shower and the treacherous terrain meant we descended with the utmost caution. I still manage to fall over twice and felt lucky not to have broken my neck. The runners, meantime, were made of stronger stuff and were out in the rain for hours on end as they went through the technical details. A tv crew added to the atmosphere of drama, but the most spectacular aspect of the day was watching the sun set over Edinburgh as the sound devices kicked into action, framing the twilight dance which unfolded hundreds of feet below us. In an instant, after weeks of planning and speculation and nerves, the project took shape before our eyes and ears – irresistibly and very happily. Covered in mud and soaked through, we retired to the hotel bar at midnight to toast a successful first stage. Now the real work begins, fine tuning the sound devices – courtesy of our genius collaborator in Berlin, Sukandar Kartadinata – and individually coding all 880 of them.”


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